HORO 001

Tokyo Prose & FIS - 'The Dares' / 'The Truths'

To launch the new Samurai vinyl only 'Horo' series, we also introduce and exciting new artist from Samurai Music's birthplace, New Zealand. FIS is a Wellington local who was a regular customer at the now closed Samurai Store (record store). Inspired by the new music he was purchasing at the time, FIS went hard to work at designing his own unique sound. The results were instantly quality, and a CD handed to label boss Presha began his story. With dBridge and Consequence major fans and an Exit Records release on the horizon, Tokyo Prose sat down with FIS to work on creating a fusion of their 2 styles. 'The Dares' was the first off the mark, instantly becoming a playlist favourite with the Exit records family, and more recently, 'The Truths' has completed the 10" in the same grinding, surging roll 'The Dares' started with. Depth and subtle complexity with menacing atmos, this is future music. DJ support from dBridge, Loxy, ASC, Consequence, Presha and lots more once they get the tunes.

HORO001 - Limited Multi Coloured vinyl 10" Released - 05/12/11

Tokyo Prose & FIS - Samurai Horo / HORO001 by Samurai Music

HORO 002

ASC - 'No Secrets' / 'Zenith'

After the success of the last 2 ASC singles for Samurai Red Seal and the flood of quality music that was arriving in our inboxes from the man, it was inevitable it was time for another shot of this UK Born, California residents vision. The 'Horo' vinyl series appealed to ASC instantly being a man from a strong techno background and an avid vinyl collector himself. 'No Secrets' is one of those tunes that touches you deeply without you realizing, echoing in your subconscious and drawing you back for repeat listens. A moment of deep languid thought frozen in time on vinyl. 'Zenith' picks up where 'Bleep Test' left off, stuttering timeless breaks patched together with diving bass and percussive polishes to produce a unique sound that takes the past and hurls it into the future.

HORO002 - Limited Multi Coloured vinyl 10" Released - 12/12/11

ASC - Samurai Horo / HORO002 by Samurai Music